Evaluation Consulting

Kristin Nobel, MPH is an independent evaluation consultant based in Maine, USA.

Over 25 years of experience working with small to mid-sized nonprofit organizations to capture, communicate, and increase their impact.

Kristin Nobel

Measuring Success and Impact

For Small Organizations

Are you a small nonprofit or community-based organization that needs “just a touch” of evaluation for funding or to help guide your program strategy? Inquire for a low-cost package that efficiently meets your needs.

Small orgs

For Foundations and Trusts

Are you a funder seeking evaluation resources for your foundation or the organizations you support? Nobel Evaluation is committed to integrity and can provide supportive, solutions-oriented feedback to your sites to identify successes and ways to further maximize impact.

foundations and trusts


For Over 25 Years

Kristin Nobel, MPH has been designing and conducting evaluations of health and social service programs since 1998, including K-12 school-based programs, health services, community organizing, and training programs. She has worked with organizations in the fields of education, reproductive health, domestic violence, HIV, and substance use, and has convened collaborative efforts that brought representatives of these fields together to share knowledge and develop cross-field solutions.


  • Focused on real life over theory.
  • Clear, accessible language.
  • Ensuring that what is being studied is meaningful and represents the change a program seeks to make in the world.
  • Keeping evaluation right-sized, streamlined, and understandable.
  • Building organizations’ own capacity for evaluation in the future.
  • Ensuring that what is learned gets shared back in ways it can be used for fundraising and program adjustments.


Evaluation Planning

Evaluation Planning

Assistance with developing the evaluation section of a new grant proposal or a full evaluation plan.

Interviewing and Focus groups

Interviewing &
Focus Groups

Reaching out to program participants, staff or other stakeholders to gather meaningful feedback, quotes and stories

Survey Design

Survey Designs

Developing surveys to gather baseline or follow-up data

Data Management

Data Management

Creating streamlined solutions for recording and summarizing program data

Analysis and Reporting

Analysis & Reporting

Clear, meaningful reports or slide sets that summarize key findings for sharing and discussion

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Jennifer O’Donnell, ScD

Director of Grantmaking and Evaluations
Society of Family Planning

“Kristin’s approach to evaluation is grounded in program improvement and she brings a strategic eye towards what questions are most meaningful and how those questions can be answered in a feasible way. She excels in building relationships that facilitate robust data collection and substantive reflection on programs using results at all levels. We would recommend her highly to all seeking to build meaningful evaluation work into organizational culture and requiring high-quality evaluation plans, data, and reports.”

Tracy Weitz, PhD, MPA

Professor, Director, and Researcher
American University

“Kristin is unique in that her evaluations provide the kind of quality information one needs to make informed programmatic decisions. She is an excellent writer and skilled evaluator. I recommend her highly.”

Shael Norris

Founding Executive Director

“In my first experience working with Nobel Evaluation, Kristin was able to take my collected surveys and form a clear and cohesive picture of the impact of our work that we would otherwise never have been able to share. She is incredibly thoughtful in listening to the needs of a small organization and working to both tell their stories and anticipate their data gathering needs moving forward. I’m so grateful to have connected with her and hope to partner on research grants in the future!”

Dannielle Shaw, JD

Managing Director
Provide Inc.

Kristin is well-rounded and offers an excellent package of qualitative skills and quantitative analysis. She has deep emotional intelligence and commitment to justice and worthiness – principles that are at the core of equitable evaluation. She comes to the table with openness and couples this with impeccable analysis, a unique combination in an evaluator.

George Hill

President / CEO
Maine Family Planning

Maine Family Planning has had the good fortune to work with Kristin Nobel for nearly a decade. During that time she has added value to our own work and ideas by helping us think through our goals, our objectives and our strategies well before project implementation. Mid-project meetings are about analysis of the data, not about what we should have captured but didn’t think to. Focused and friendly, she does what she says she will do and produces objective reports that our field and our funding sources find instructive.

Mareisa Weil
Mareisa Weil

Vice President of Development & Community Engagement
Maine Family Planning

“Kristin brings a wealth of experience with project design, implementation, and evaluation, and centers justice and equity in her work. On our project she was more than an evaluator, she was a thought partner, and an integral part of our team. I’m grateful to have worked with her and would jump at the chance to do so again.”